ACBS Member Pricing for the Rudder classifieds:  One 40 word ad a year free, each additional word $1.50 each.  Photos additional $25 one photo only.

ACBS Member Pricing for the Website classifieds:  For $30 you can place your ad on-line for 90 days along with up to four photos.

Additional Facebook promotion:  $5 if you are placing in both the Rudder and on-line

Non-member Pricing for the Rudder classifieds:  $2.50 per word and require a minimum of $30.00 per classified ad. One photo permitted in the Rudder at an additional cost of $30.00

Non-member Pricing for the Website classifieds:  An ad can be placed on-line for a cost of $35 for 90 days along with four photos. 

Once you submit your ad, you’ll be contacted by Stacy from ACBS Headquarters. She’ll collect your money and place your ad. or call (315) 686-2628


When placing your ad, do not enter any symbols in the price field.

Example: 45000

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