How are you spending your weekend?

There are nine events this weekend alone on the ACBS Events Calendar.

These events are held for so many reasons:

  • attending them is always a great way to continue the relationships that are built around our passion for classic boating
  • some events are money raisers to support Chapter activities or for a selected charity
  • if it is a judged show, both the boat owners and the judges get to learn more about their boats
  • and the public gets to see CLASSIC-VINTAGE-RETRO boats up close and visit with the owners

How can you widen the audience that views each event?  Send pictures with captions to go on this website for thousands more to see. 

Whether you are at an organized event or not, if you are with your own classic boat – you are a SHOW!

Wherever you go in your own boat, you are creating a show of your own.  Be safe and HAVE FUN! 

If you have the chance to go boating during the week, you are so lucky.  -calmer seas, -more docking space, -still as much fun. 

The Adirondack Chapter actually designates one Wednesday each summer month and names a gathering place.  Members are invited to come by boat or car. Ed Scheiber, President of the Adirondack Chapter, reports, “We had a very small, but enjoyable group at The Blue Water Manor last evening (June 20). Sally and Ed Becker, John Kovac, and Jennifer and myself. We were surprised and happy to be joined a bit later by John Painter, a fairly new member, who lives just north of The Lake George Club. He currently lives in Denver; however, he comes back and forth to Lake George regularly. He graciously offered to be of assistance in a future Rendezvous. We had an interesting visit and discussions. Those who didn’t attend missed a very nice evening and good food.” 

How are you spending your weekend?

Email your    CLASSIC   VINTAGE    RETRO    boats and boating pictures to [email protected]

OR Click here to submit pictures or news from your chapter events.

This gull-wing 1962 Century Sabre is named Wheaties.  She is owned by Chick and Karon Wheat.  
Headline photo above is of 1960 Higgins Mandolay named Miss Higgy.  She is owned by Paul and Marge Morris.
Photos are by Kathy Parker taken at Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake June 2018


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