Paramour is a Colvin Gazelle Schooner

Paramour belongs to Ron Lockhart.  She is a 1967 boat which is a Classic.  The ACBS Classifications are listed here

Ron says, “I changed the sail plan on my boat from Junk rigged to Gaff rigged (the boat was designed with both rigs).  The Colvin Gazelle is a metal schooner.  Most have been built in steel, but some (including mine) are built in aluminum.  Most of the boats were “backyard projects” but some (including mine) were professionally built.”

Here is more information about a Colvin Gazelle Schooner, excerpts taken from Sail Magazine written by Charles Doane:

American shipwright and boat designer Tom Colvin, who has long championed both metal construction and junk rigs on cruising sailboats, has designed about 300 small ships and boats over the course of a career that has now spanned about 70 years. He designed the original Gazelle for himself and his family to cruise aboard way back in 1967. She has since proven to be both his most successful and perhaps most interesting creation, with over 700 sisterships launched to date.



  1. Putting together the rig on a Gaff Schooner Gazelle and wonder if you have any drawings. Ours are faded and hard to make out.

  2. Since Tom Colvin passed away the family is no longer selling building plans and it seems a copy is apparently difficult to find so far.

    I’m trying to locate a copy in good condition, preferably rolled not folded:
    Colvin, 42′ Gazelle junk schooner, sail and spar plan, design No. 103

    I can be contacted here:

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