Dixie Baby C.E. Lodge

In just two weeks the boats begin arriving for the ACBS International Boat Show at Carnelian Bay on Lake Tahoe.

“Dixie Baby” is a 1921 Ventnor Design stepped hull powered with a Hispano-Suiza WW1 aircraft engine.

DIXIE BABY has been on tour throughout the US all summer of 2016 . The September show will be her ‘grande finale’! The lofty effort of this extensive tour has been incredibly successful. It all started in Houston, Texas at HYC with a welcome home gala. She has been a winner at EACH show along the tour.

Her tour included:

  • Houston Yacht Club     Houston, TX
  • Keels and Wheels     Seabrook, TX
  • Vintage Car & Boat Festival     Bay Harbour, MI
  • Hammondsport, NY
  • Antique Boat Museum     Clayton, NY
  • Concours D’Elegance     Lake Tahoe, CA



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