Miss Fallen Leaf - Sturgess

One week to wait for the official Welcome to the Antique and Classic Boat Society’s Annual Meeting and International Boat Show.

The anticipation and the previews continue with “Miss Fallen Leaf” owned by John Sturgess.

Miss Fallen Leaf is a 1941 Chris-Craft Deluxe Barrel-back Runabout. She was built inside the Chris-Craft Algonac, Michigan manufacturing plant and was first shipped to Edmond Howell in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on December 9, 1940.

Several years later Miss Fallen Leaf crossed the United States and into the Sacramento Valley, California where she was later discovered inside of a warehouse.

In 1998 Don Veihmeyer, a prominent Chris-Craft Shipwright, was commissioned to conduct a full-boat restoration. Miss Fallen Leaf was re-crafted to her original, historic specifications utilizing over 90% of her original mahogany and oak framing.

Miss Fallen Leaf is one of the finest 17′ Deluxe Chris-Craft Barrel-back Runabouts ever built, with few in her historically restored condition in existence today.

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