From Historic to Contemporary, the boats filling boat slips in Tavares, Florida to capacity showed the spectators a colorful variety.

More boats than ever before entered the show held March 24-26, 2017. And the days were full of interesting activities. 

There were Amphicars that always interest the crowd, especially when they splash in and cruise around.


The SCAMPY program kids and their completed projects had fun in the water to impress the onlookers. 

More and more bright colors drew attention at the docks.


The age classifications were all represented.  Pictured here is and Antique, a 1935 Chris Craft 18′ Utility Sedan —


1935 Chris Craft 18′ Utility Sedan


— all the way up through the Contemporary Class.  Pictured here is a 2015 Home Built 19′ Torpedo. 

19′ Home Built Torpedo 2015


Here’s a review of the different ACBS age classifications:

ACBS Boat Classifications

  • Historic: A boat built up to and including 1918.
  • Antique: A boat built between 1919 and 1942, inclusive.
  • Classic: A boat built between 1943 and 1975, inclusive.
  • Late Classic: A boat built after 1975 through the year 25 years prior to the current year.
    (In 2017, the Late Classic period ends with boats built in 1992.)
  • Contemporary: A wooden boat built within the last 25 years.

What’s Next?

Now that the boating season is officially underway, what comes next?  Look at the Events Calendar to see what might be happening near you.  Or pick a date and place to center your vacation plans around.

There are still Workshops and Symposiums to attend:

There are judged boat shows, cruise and eat rendezvous, and river cruises.  How you want to use your boat or show your boat – or just look at vintage boats, there is a time and place to do just that.

Look at the Chapters Map to pick a chapter near where you want to be, then check out their chapter page for more details of their activities.

(And by-the-way, when you look at your own chapter page, are all of your events listed there?  If not, please submit events and chapter news.

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