From Margaret Horn, Columbia Willamette Chapter

At our annual retreat, we coordinated a demonstration of our inflatable life jackets.  This turned out to be a big success for more than one reason. Obviously, it was entertaining to see a bunch of old guys jump in the water, but it also gave us an opportunity to talk about water safety, what to expect when these jackets inflate and how to reload them.  

A few lessons we learned from the experiment, other than how to laugh, include:

  1. All life jackets have a slight delay in inflating, so do not panic.
  2. Sometimes the jackets just pop out and sometimes they inflate one side at a time.
  3. You cannot reload them right away because they have to dry out. So if you are traveling you might need spares.
  4. According to the manufacturers they need to be reloaded as per the manufacturers specifications. Be sure to read what your manufacturer suggests!

Boat Safely! And Enjoy…

Click here to see the video: CWCVideo


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