By Maggi Cassell President of Southern California chapter

Polished chrome, varnish, and gel-coat shone brightly in the spring sunshine last weekend, as the Southern California chapter put on a double-header of trailer shows. We displayed a dozen boats on Saturday in Dana Point, California, as part of the annual Festival of Whales along the waterfront. Sharing a parking lot with several bounce houses, artists, and other displays, we drew a huge amount of foot traffic – and shared quite a few of our social media cards (which have national and SoCal websites, SoCal Facebook and Instagram accounts, a boat picture, and an invitation to join us).

After a rainy few weeks, about half of us “got some color” during the day. Not complaining, particularly as many of our friends are dealing with snow, but it’s always wise to remember the sunscreen as you venture out to your first boating events this season.

On Sunday, we re-grouped about 20 miles northeast for our first show at Lake Mission Viejo. New ACBS members Don and Linda Schaffner hosted, and hot dogs and brats were prepared by grill-master George Finch. Donations were collected for a local Children’s Hospital. Our club members were treated to electric boat rides around this sailing and electric motor lake, to admire the architecture and enjoy the smooth water.

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  1. I enjoy receiving this newsletter. I wish everyone would get in the habit of Identifying the boats in the pictures they have taken. Such as “Double Header Trailer Shows “. I recognize the Century and 1942 CC Brlbak but what about the 2 fbrgls boats?

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