The Antique and Classic Boat Society is committed to the creation of educational programs to assure the continuance of our vintage boating heritage.

Through formats such as articles, workshops, symposiums, and on-line “how-to” videos for members to view, we seek to create and produce a variety of methods to teach the skills and knowledge needed to maintain, preserve, and restore these beautiful boats. Varying programs and activities are geared toward all ages on both the International and Chapter levels.
Through the creation and support of our Scholarship Endowment Fund, we are able to provide financial assistance to deserving students in approved programs who have chosen this field and want to learn the skills and craftmanship needed to sustain our vintage boating heritage.  Developing not only the skills, but also the appreciation of the heritage of these craft, we strive to assure the future of these boats.

Shannon Knight, chair of the ACBS Scholarship Committee says, 

“ACBS supports five boat building schools in the US with $5,000 scholarships to each school, every year. I’ve personally met two students who received Scholarships from ACBS. Hearing in their own words how their lives were changed by the opportunity the ACBS Scholarship provided for them made a tremendous impact on me. Those students are graduating with the skills to restore YOUR boat! In this way ACBS is doing real work to perpetuate the “hobby” / “passion” / history of our beloved boats so that we can all continue to enjoy classic boating.”

Our commitment toward education is witnessed throughout events and activities in the organization.  We are excited about knowledge being shared, skills being mastered, and the history we are preserving for future generations.