Report and pictures sent by Gilbert Vacheret, President of the ACBS France Chapter

Like every year, just before it is time to winterize our boats, we were on Cazaux Lake, near Bordeaux, SW France, for a boating weekend. 

La Caravelle ( is a hotel located on the bank of the lake, with her own beach, a great spot for beaching boats. 

The lake of Cazaux, covering 56,000 sqm, is the 2nd largest lake in France. 


Underway on Lake Cazaux, France 2017

We were there with six classic boats:  

  • Black Pearl” a 1960 Thompson ThomBoy 16ft 


  • Dear Val” a 1942 Century Sea maid 17ft 


  • Liberthine” a 1947 Pedrazzini Runabout 21ft 


  • Maca” 1963 Chris-Craft Commander 19ft  


  • Mila” a 1947 Chris-craft Sportsman 22ft 


  •  “Swing” a 1939 Chris-craft Special Race Boat 16ft 

Unfortunately, we’ve had to leave some boats in Bordeaux,  

  • “Kaa” a 1956 John Faul Swiss-Craft 21ft 
  • “Mauï“ a 1963 Chris-Craft Corsair XL 170 Sun Lounger 17ft1/2n 
  • “Miss Marie” 1965 Chris-Craft Super Sport 21ft 
  • “U Twenty Two” a 1947 Chris-Craft Sportman 22ft 
  • And “Miss Nancy” our 1984 replica 1935 Hacker-Craft Bill Morgan Triple Cockpit 30ft. 

As it was a successful event, we’ve had to rent a contemporary boat so that everybody can navigate.  

The weekend was sunny, the temperature was around 30°c (86°f) a real “été indien” (Indian summer) as we call this weather here at this season. 

Dominique organized for us a picnic on the beach with leisure meals, fresh fish and red wine from Bordeaux of course. 

Thank you, Gilbert, for the pictures of the gorgeous boats and the report of a beautiful day in southwestern France. 

Merci, Gilbert, pour les photos de la magnifique bateaux et le rapport d’une belle journée dans le sud-ouest de la France.

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