Arkansas Odyssey Map
September 30, 2017 – October 6, 2017 all-day
River View Park, Little Rock, Arkansas
2801 River Rd
North Little Rock, AR 72114
Mike Yancey

with the Heartland Classics Chapter

This is your chance to take your classic boat on a river cruise along with other classic boaters, some of them experienced, others for the first time.  Meal stops, fuel stops, and nightly lodging will all be planned. A rest-over in the middle of the cruise at Little Rock, Arkansas will give the travelers a rest and the public more time to admire the boats.

Trip Date Options: Saturday September 30th thru Friday October 6th

Launch Saturday late afternoon September 30th at Three Forks Harbor, Muskogee, OK

Departure Sunday October 1st

Complete Trip 370 miles; 13 locks

Longest travel days about 4-1/4 hours cruising time plus lock time which varies significantly with 3 locks(on Wednesday) & 4 locks(on Friday) being the maximum.

Plan to do the whole beautiful trip or join or leave as needed.  Even just take part in the Little Rock two night stay with activities in town as well as sharing our classic boats with the admiring public.  Read about the 2015 Arkansas River Odyssey.

Daily Travel and Hotel Summary:

  • Sunday October 1: Depart Three Forks Harbor, Muskogee OK
    Travel for the day: 91.8 miles; 3 locks;
    Fuel Stop at Applegate Cove Marina after 52.7 miles of travel
    40 miles further to the day’s destination in Ft Smith/Van Buren AR
  • Monday October 2nd: 92.3 miles; 2 locks;
    If needed, fuel stop at Spadra Marina after 70 miles of travel
    5 miles further to the day’s destination in Russellville AR
    HOTEL: Days Inn, Russelleville AR
  • Tuesday October 3rd; 88.7 miles; 4 locks;
    First Fuel stop option, Charlies Hidden Harbor after 30 miles of travel
    7 miles further to the day’s destination in Little Rock, AR
    Second Fuel stop option, Little Rock Yacht Club; 77 miles from morning departure or 47 miles from first fuel stop and 12 miles from the day’s destination point in Little Rock AR
    Third Fuel stop option is Rockwater Marina; 87 miles from morning departure and 1 mile from our destination for the evening in Little Rock, AR
    HOTEL: TBD or Individuals choice of hotel
  • Wednesday October 4th – Free day in Little Rock AR with opportunity for public to view the boats
  • Thursday October 5th; 48.5 miles; 2 locks;
    No known fuel stops as we travel today;
    HOTEL: Holiday Inn Express
  • Friday October 6th; 65 miles; 2 locks

END OF TRIP in Pendleton AR, 22.7MM

The Arkansas River will take you through a variety of landscapes.  Fall is the perfect time of year for comfortable weather and a calm steady flow of the river.


    • Participants in the Arkansas River Cruise are asked to have their boats launched at Muskogee, OK by 10:00 am on Saturday, Sept. 31. (some will launch on Friday night) On Saturday morning, trucks with trailers will be driven to a secure, fenced marina in Little Rock, AR. A van will return the drivers to Muskogee, OK for Saturday night.
      At the end of the trip, Pendleton, AR, transportation will be provided back to Little Rock to retrieve vehicles and trailers.
      Little Rock is about 90 minutes from each end of the cruise.

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