By Leonidas Papaoikonomou.

Chartering the beauty of the classic yacht named Amanda.

Everybody knows the beauty of sailing on a classic yacht. Beyond the beauty of the classic yacht, there is another beauty named classic Greece, full of islands and crystal blue waters under a thousand shades of the Aegean sea.

From sunrise to sunset, the moments change minute by minute producing a live movie that is richly diverse and tremendously beautiful. Just imagine a morning dive in the sea instead of shower, or the panoramic view of the sea while enjoying a lovely meal sitting under the sun or under the tent only a few feet above the sea. You will experience a dance with the waves, swimming in fantastic private bays, and enjoying fresh fish direct from a fisherman. You will have time to walk the small streets of the islands, visit ancient monuments, local museums, open air theaters performing ancient tragedies under the moonlight and the very special night life of the islands with a drink after dinner before you return to the yacht for tranquil night of rest.

All members of ACBS with friends or families interested in visiting Greece for vacation are most welcome to profit from my 30 years sailing experience knowing inch by inch all the itineraries either in Cyclades or Ionian or Saronic or Sporades islands. Amanda can accommodate up to 12 passengers with her 5 cabins on board. ACBS members will receive a 30% discount on the charter rates (avoiding travel agents).

Prior to cruise or after, 1 or 2 days in Athens is highly recommended to visit The Acropolis and the Cape Sounion, home of the Temple of the ancient God of the Sea Poseidon and catch the famous and world known sunset.

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