Enjoy the opportunity to be a ROVER in your boat!

Using your vintage boat to cruise up a river, or among islands, or through a bayou is an adventuresome way to explore bits and pieces of this world.  Being part of ACBS introduces opportunities to visit beautiful destinations where a boat ride is the means to really become part of the local environment.

ACBS offers an annual Rover Award for planning and conducting events that include using boats to experience an adventure.

Generously donated by the Toronto Chapter and selected by the Awards Committee from nominations by chapters or individuals, this trophy is awarded for the purpose of recognizing outstanding effort by an individual or group in the organization and implementation of a cruise or function, encouraging the use of antique, classic and historic boats for the enjoyment of the chapter and society’s members.

Will you be participating in a boating excursion this year?  Does it involve more than just a parade around a show site?  If yes, you may want to nominate the event chair or group for the Rover AwardClick here for more details and where to send nominations.  Remember to take pictures and keep a journal of the whole event.  Include any publicity that the event received.

Some past winners included journeys:

  • on the St. Johns River in Florida- southbound and northbound
  • the Arkansas River Odyssey – 370 miles, through 13 locks, and added 30.5 hours to their engines

Where have you taken your boat on a cruise? 

Where are you going this year?

Submitting a nomination for the Rover Award gives recognition to the host chapter and is especially a tribute to the organizer for their efforts in planning the details of such a cruise.  Those details often include lodging reservations, meal planning, transportation to and from the trailer parking, fuel stops, emergency preparedness, etc.

The ACBS Awards Committee reviews all submissions in July, so your documentation supporting a Rover Award nomination must be received by them by June 30th.

While you are taking pictures along the way, please share them with the viewers on this site.  Email to kathyparker@acbs.org 



  1. Thanks to the Toronto Chapter and ACBS for recognizing there is no better way to see the world than from inside a classic or antique boat. We don’t own any show quality boats, just “user classics”, but we have been fortunate to experience some of these cruises that have been recognized by the Toronto Chapter and the ACBS in our boats. The memories and friendships with our fellow travelers made on these cruises are priceless.

  2. Use them, life is too short. I did 2/3 of the Great Loop back in 1997, when I was younger, more agile…

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