Southern California Chapter played on the bay in San Diego the other weekend as part of their last organized cruise of the year.  Fun was had by all…big and small. Thanks to Maggi and Rob Cassell for sharing images of the good times!


ACBS Member, Barry Karow took his last cruise of the summer in his Lyman with  80 degree weather in October on Okauchee Lake, Wisconsin. Check out Barry’s Last Cruise video


Valerie Stabenow of Winneconne, WI, and Glacier Lakes Chapter, shared with us the winter restoration plans…

With a KLC out of a 1953 Chris Craft Holiday that replaced the 95 HP in my 47 Deluxe Runabout, it’s now a 70 year engine. Running better after a rebuilt distributor and Pertronix upgrade until this past summer. A ticking noise that increased with RPM and no power told me it’s time for engine work. So, the engine will be going to the rebuilder. The hull also needs some attention, so after removing the engine for me, the boat shop will tackle the leak issues. 


Trux Dole of Columbia Willamette Chapter tells us that “My wife reclaims her title as First Lady” with their last ride…

Well, it may  be the last ride of the season, but it was momentous because it was the first ride where there was not a post- restoration shakedown crisis.

More importantly, it was the first time in the 9 year odyssey of restoring my grandfather’s 16’ all original 1930 Dodge runabout, the Minnow that my beloved was able to shed her title of ‘boat widow’ and enjoy the ride.

Indeed she has been most gracious about “the other woman” with whom I have been trysting in the garage after work and on weekends all this time. She has also been a steady first mate on the shakedown cruises that resulted in paddling, bailing furiously, and being towed by a jet ski.

What was that line from the MasterCard commercials?…”seeing the smile on your wife’s face as you cruise down the river, pricelsss….” Check out a Video from the Dole’s Cruise




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