JOIN the Finger Lakes Chapter and you’ll be just in time for their Annual Boat Show the last full weekend in July.

Historic boats, antique boats, classic boats – they’re all there at the Finger Lakes Chapter Boat Show supported by the Skaneateles Chamber of Commerce.  It is a traditional summer event for great crowds of people.  This is a prestigious judged show.  Take a look at their registration information and schedule.

Finger Lakes Chapter has a website with beautiful pictures and more descriptive information.

The Finger Lakes Region of central New York State takes its name from eleven slender lakes running in a generally north-south direction through the Allegheny Plateau. When viewed from above, the five largest lakes resemble the outstretched fingers of a giant hand. Skaneateles Lake is the second-most easterly of the Finger Lakes and has become the unofficial home of the Finger Lakes Chapter of ACBS.

In 1978, Finger Lakes became the 5th Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society.  From the initial 15 charter members, it has grown to nearly 200 members who enjoy sharing information, skills, and boating fun.  Brightwork is the name of their chapter’s award-winning magazine which includes gorgeous photography, how-to articles, and always a column written from the perspective of a teenager who is involved in classic boating.

The Finger Lakes Chapter hosted the 2014 Annual ACBS Meeting and International Boat Show. Their own beautiful boats were joined by vintage boats from around the ACBS organization. And as in their own local boat show tradition, there was a mini boat painting station for the children attending the show.


Right now, there is an ACBS chapter near you where members are talking boats, playing in boats, or looking at boats. Probably all three, in fact.
And where are you?

Clicking on the word “Chapters” in the top menu of this website will lead you to an interactive map of chapter locations.  Being part of a chapter is the quickest way to share boating experiences and build relationships founded on common interests.

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