1. I have a 1952 Chris Craft Express Cruiser. Suddenly is started to list hard to the left and wants to carve hard right when I am at 3/4 of full speed. I have Taylor trim tabs on it buy it still does it. I have had this boat for ten years and it just started doing this. Any thoughts?

  2. I am an ACBS member. I have a 1963 Century Sabre. I am looking for a 2 part epoxy to look similar to the hard copper racing paint. I am tired of the discoloration. Thank you

  3. Needing help on a 1950’s wooden Volvo 4cylinder boat, trying to find were all the I.D. are on the boat and the motor. People gave us the boat to get out of yard no title no I.D. it has missing distributor. Any help thanks Bob

  4. I am a new owner of a 1956 Chris Craft Sportsman. I am looking to winterize the boat, and want to make sure I get all of the water out. Can someone tell me how many drains there are in the block, manifold and pump. Just want to make sure I don’t miss anything.

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