Picnic Day meant a boat trip through the Dora Canal.

Cruising through the tropical canal is so awesome and the water was great all the way from Wooten Park to the picnic grounds.  All eyes were peeled to spot the wonders of nature as we idled through the Dora Canal and Dead River to move from Lake Dora into Lake Eustis and then Lake Harris.  Part of the audience watching our passage were the exotic birds beside and above us. 

Boats with the vintage feel included beautiful mahogany and colorful early fiberglass models such as Sunburn pictured above and this Lake ‘n Sea below. And then there is Jeff and Jan Funk’s Century Coronado that came with a fiberglass hull but now sports a beautiful mahogany deck and trim.


Returning through the Dora Canal, we were met with a parade of Amphicars – Wow!

Back at Wooten Park, there was time to read signs and visit with boat owners to learn about their boats, again this is a show with a great variety, or just take the opportunity to soak up the sun.


Saturday is for more show time and a whole curriculum of symposiums.


    • Thanks, Shannon. It was great seeing you and Scott, too. Making friends and then seeing them again periodically at regional boat shows is one of the best parts of our worldwide boating community. Kathy

  1. Hats off to the Sunnyland chapter and their dedication to making this show happen. It was a lot of fun with much to do and see! Great seeing old friends and making new ones. That’s what ACBS is all about, right!

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