The 2017 Sunnyland Boat Festival is underway on Lake Dora at Tavares, Florida.

The docks have filled up with both boats and people. This is the 30th year of the Festival being held with boats and boaters coming from all across North America to enjoy the warmth of Florida in March.

 The boating event of the day is a trip from Lake Dora through the Dora Canal into Lake Eustis, then the Dead River Canal into Lake Harris.  This is all part of the Harris Chain of Lakes in Lake County, Florida.

Every time through the canal, you feel like you are in the tropics.  Those lucky enough to live beside the canal often are sitting out to watch the Friday parade of Antique and Classic Boats go by.

Every classic boating event must have an unplanned “event” to make it memorable, often resulting in a tow back to the docks.  But classic boaters are the best at helping each other.

Passing the Palm Gardens in the Dead River, we spotted this 18′ 1935 Chris Craft Sedan, Jim Frechette’s newest Antique Boat.

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