Report and pictures supplied by Roberta Hegy of the Glacier Lakes Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society.

Mark Willis, Bob Stoltz, Roberta and Rich Hegy met with Mark Hawkins Mark Hawkins and Chip McDonald of Hands on Deck up in Green Bay last week to present the chapter donation and tour their workshop. Very impressed with their work and how they are working with kids to develop interest and skills that will inspire the youth throughout their lives. Mark is working with local schools helping create programs to enhance children’s lives and better their futures. More can be discovered at their website and Facebook page “Hands on Deck GB

Later that day, Roberta and Rich Hegy went to All Hands Boatworks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where they presented a second donation from the Glacier Lakes Chapter to All Hands Boatworks. More information and great pictures are on the All Hands Boatworks Facebook page.

Here are a few quotes and pictures from the All Hands Boatworks website:

All Hands Boatworks (AHB) inspires young people, especially those challenged by socio-economic and/or educational hurdles to develop skills, determination, and confidence to discover their talents.  Youth work together to build wooden boats, gain valuable work experiences, and row their boats on our rivers for recreation and education.  At AHB, it’s about building more than a boat. AHB is a member of the Teaching with Small Boats Alliance, a professional network of more than 60 organizations and programs in the United States and Canada. AHB is a certified Building to Teach educational provider. All Hands Boatworks, Inc., was founded in 2013.  AHB is a Wisconsin 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Mark Hawkins posted this on the Hands on Deck Facebook page:

We had a wonderful first meeting with the Glacier Lakes Chapter of the ACBS. We are working on a very sweet event for Green Bay next summer…so stay tuned. The icing on the cake was a very generous donation to HOD. Thank you Mark Willis and the rest of the group!

Here are some photos from their tours:


  1. This website editor apologizes for some confused reporting. Some information and the links in the report have been corrected. The following clarification came from Roberta Hegy:
    The headline picture was actually at the Hands on Deck facility in Green Bay, WI near the South Bay Marina. Mark Willis, Bob Stoltz, my hubby Rich Hegy, and I met with Mark Hawkins and Chip McDonald to tour their shops in Green Bay and present our donation, from Glacier Lake’s to Hands on Deck. Later that day, Rich and I presented another Glacier Lake’s donation to Bill Nimke at the All Hands Boatworks based in Milwaukee, WI. Some of the pictures posted here are from that facility.

  2. Great article Glacier Lakes Chapter. Let’s continue to perpetuate the hobby we are heavily vested in for future enjoyment of the next generations of boaters. Involving our youth in the early stages of a restoration will help secure their interest in woodworking and hopefully enjoy boating for the rest of their lives.

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