Many people do not know that the staff at the Hacker Boat Company, builders of Hacker-Craft boats, are also continually restoring and repairing up to 16 wood boats at any time. The Hacker-Craft production facility has a mix of new boat builds and restoration projects in 27 boat bays on the production line. The same skilled craftspeople who build new Hackers also restore and repair wood boats. The craftspeople often move from a new build to a restoration/repair boat and back again.

Erin Badcock, Chief Operating Officer, said, “we continually have boats come in from all over the country and from Canada. Examples of origins of recent restoration projects have included boats from Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We now have boats scheduled to come in from Tennessee and Michigan.”

In addition to many individuals, some of the great resorts, such as The Point and Lake Placid Lodge in the Adirondacks, have sent their boats to Hacker for work.
George Badcock, CEO of the Hacker Boat Company, says, “in the past three years our restoration and repair business has grown significantly. We expect continued demand for our services. We have added staff to meet the increased demand for such skilled work.”

Corin, a 1923 32-foot Albany brand model before restoration.

Corin after restoration.


  1. These shorty pithy highly informative and readable e- articles every week from ACBS HQ seem to provide a growing alternative to old form print magazines such as acbs Rudder.

  2. Bill Morgan had huge influence on the antique boat revolution. He received very
    Little recognition , much less any credit for his efforts.

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