By John D. Smith, Southern California Chapter

Our boat is a 1956 Century Resorter, 18-foot. My Grandfather bought it new 1956 in Alameda, CA. My Dad and his Brother Bud had classic cabins on Lake Tahoe six doors from each other in Carnelian Bay, CA. We spent the summers at Tahoe until 1996. The name of the boat is Hobany. My cousin could not say Mahogany when he was a little guy. My Dad passed in 2003 and my Uncle got the boat. He had it for a few years and did not say a word that he had it up for sale.

Sierra Boat had taken care of her its whole life and both families shared the cost of up keep over the years. I was not happy. He did not want to deal with me or anybody. I showed the boat in two Lake Tahoe Shows. Got a 6th and 4th place in the Utility Class. I asked Sierra Boat to contact me if it went up for sale again. I was sitting on the couch in May 2019 when I got an Email from Sierra Boat. Mac said today is your lucky day. Hobany is for sale. So we went up to Lake Tahoe on June 10, 2019, and took a sea trial and now it is back in the Family after seven years where it should be. It has a Gray Marine Fireball V-8 225 HP. I get Emotional every time we take her out. We live up in Big Bear Lake, CA. Thank you for letting me share our story. 


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