Report and pictures by David Rosenberger.  David and Annette are members of the North Coast Ohio Chapter of ACBS

Our little RED 1989 Whaler Mischief is a 30th Anniversary model (235 built 1988-89, 139 red/red, 72 tan/tan & 24 white/red.

Any 1990 models, I believe, were built late 1989 & titled as 1990.  Mischief was built in October 1988 and was titled as a 1989 and was delivered December 1988 to the Cleveland Boat and Trading Company in Cleveland, Ohio. By way of title transfers that dealership was purchased by Ivancic Boat & Power April 6, 1990, and apparently, the Mischief was part of the deal. 

From what we can determine it had not yet been used or sold. The first title owner was Theodore (Ted) and Paula Kruger from Galion, Ohio. Mischief apparently sat in the showroom for about 9 years. Ted and Paula used Mischief on Lake Erie out of the LakeSide community.

On May 15, 2006, the red Whaler changed hands to Anson (Harry) Andrist from Columbus, Ohio and was used on the Scioto River (his wife loved to take it out). They also have a home on Middle Bass Island and used it when they did not want to take their 26′ Tiara out.

June 24, 2012, Harry traded the Mischief (his wife is still not happy about that), into Progressive Mahindra in Navarre, Ohio for a new tractor. On September 24, 2012, Progressive traded it to Petty’s Marine, also in Navarre, Ohio and it migrated to their back line of old boats. 

During my business travels, I noticed the little Red Whaler and knew immediately what it was (I remember studying the super cool 30th Aniversary ads) and what it could be again. On October 30, 2012,  I carefully towed Mischief to her new home, to follow as caretaker, in the steps of Ted and Harry, of the little Red Whaler.

On an unusual sidenote, The Mischief has one Suzuki dash gage, and was running two Suzuki reddish orange metal 6 gallon fuel tanks (look like Mercury tanks with Suzuki decals). I am unsure when a Suzuki was the outboard, before the 2002 75hp Mercury.    

  driver training


ready for warm summer days

  Thank you, David Rosenberger, for preserving this great boat, and also the history that tells her story.

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