Just imagine the history of antique and classic boats along the Hudson River!

The Hudson River Chapter is this week’s ACBS featured Chapter.  They have a beautiful, newly redesigned website, that tells about their chapter and its activities. Especially interesting is the section on “projects” which shows several members’ boats in the process of being restored and preserved.

The Hudson River Chapter partners with the Hudson River Maritime Museum at Rondout Creek near Kingston, New York for their annual show the third weekend of August every year.  

From the Revolutionary War, the Poughkeepsie Regatta, through Roosevelts’ Hyde Park, Sully on the Hudson, and the Hudson River’s part of the American Great Loop, boats are an integral part of the history, as well as, today’s busy boating traffic on the Hudson.  

The Hudson River Chapter itself has all of those perspectives within their chapter.  Looking at their membership, 10% have been members since the 1980’s, but another 20% have joined in the last two years.  History and boats are preserved and the learning and passion about vintage boats and boating go on.

54 International Chapters of ACBS

The Antique and Classic Boat Society has 54 Chapters throughout the United States, Canada, and France. ACBS members who affiliate with a home chapter find a group of friends with whom to share boating experiences, boat stories, and the skills needed to maintain and/or preserve and restore their vintage boats.  Inevitably, the genuine relationships formed at the chapter level are always mentioned when an ACBS member is asked why they value their ACBS membership.

When you click on the CHAPTERS tab in the menu above, a world map will appear showing the location of the ACBS Chapters.  Which one is closest to you?  Or maybe there is a chapter near the lake where you vacation that has an event scheduled which you could attend.

Please share information about your chapter.  Anyone can do that.  You may email pictures and text to [email protected].

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