By Shawn Howell member of the Indiana chapter

To tell you about our 1984 ski Nautique I have to tell you about our 1984 Century Resorter. That story is short, we had the boat for over 20 years discovered soft stringers so we decided to restore her, The End. On with the Nautique story. Myself and my wife Rhonda enjoy water skiing even at our ripe old age . We knew we would have to wait a couple years for our Resorter to be finished . Rhonda saw our 1984 sn2001 Ski Nautique on the internet and was the first to reply to it . The shape it is in falls just short of excellent , so we went and looked at it and it was as true as the pictures showed , I then drove it and skied behind it and told him to wrap in a bow and consider it a steal . We purchased it and have taken it to the boat shows and have been skiing behind it for the past 2 and a half years , and as for the Resorter, we will have it back in 2 weeks and will be showing it at its birthplace in Manistee Michigan . I plan on keeping both boats the Nautique needs new interior now and we plan on working on that next .


  1. Congrats! I miss water skiing, and even seeing water skiing, on Lake George, NY–just south of where Warren Witherell held court in Lake Placid, that it makes me feel so sorry for the current lot of towed inner-tubers/floats.

  2. Great story and I love your boat!
    Never too old to ski. I can relate. My wife Phyllis and I bought our 1982 Ski Nautique 2001 back in 1998. Responded to a news paper ad and it was located just outside of Yosemite. (Not much internet then) It’s a mirror image of yours. The hour meter stopped working at 2674 hrs about 8 years ago. The boat is still going and so are we. Happy water skiing to you and Rhonda!!

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