Indiana is the ACBS featured Chapter of the Week.

Their website invites you to find a passion for yourself that will last a lifetime:

We are Indiana’s official chapter of the national ACBS (Antique and Classic Boat Society). We enjoy the camaraderie of members sharing their appreciation and enthusiasm for antique wooden and classic fiberglass boats of the late 50’s and 60’s. If you have one of these or would like to own one, please contact us. We could be the catalyst that makes your dream become reality! Annual dues are only $20.00. Make this the year to begin a hobby of a lifetime.

The Indiana Chapter has a great Annual Show at Lake James which is like a carnival with vintage cars, working artists selling their wares, and of course, a display of classic and antique boats that are the main attraction. Click here for the complete report on the Annual Lake James Show including a slide show.

Indiana Chapter, as its name implies, draws most of its members from Indiana. How do you get a map graphic of where the members of a chapter live?  If you are an ACBS member, you may sign-in to the Members Only section of this website.  Then click on the Chapters tab.  Pick the ACBS Chapter that you want, and the map will appear.  Clicking on any pin will give you the name of the chapter member at that point.  You may zoom in to spread the pins apart.  You will also find their list of officers with contact information.

54 International Chapters of ACBS

The Antique and Classic Boat Society has 54 Chapters throughout the United States, Canada, and France. ACBS members who affiliate with a home chapter find a group of friends with whom to share boating experiences, boat stories, and the skills needed to maintain and/or preserve and restore their vintage boats.  Inevitably, the genuine relationships formed at the chapter level are always mentioned when an ACBS member is asked why they value their ACBS membership.

When you click on the CHAPTERS tab in the menu above, a world map will appear showing the location of the ACBS Chapters.  Which one is closest to you?  Or maybe there is a chapter near the lake where you vacation that has an event scheduled which you could attend.

Please share information about your chapter.  Anyone can do that.  You may email up to six pictures and text to


    • Steve,
      ACBS and the Indiana Chapter will welcome you. Please click on the Join tab in the top red menu. There is a JOIN button on that page which will lead you to joining ACBS and in the process, you will choose Indiana as your chapter.

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