Inland Empire Chapter is officially 18 years old this year.  

It started, though, from members who were already members of other chapters in the northwest.  As they realized there was a core of members and even more to be added in northern Idaho and eastern Washington, a group petitioned to be recognized as a chapter in 2000. Inland Empire Chapter is still part of the northwest group of chapters (Columbia Willamette, Pacific Northwest, Big Sky and Okanagan Chapters) as they coordinate their events throughout the summer so that there is always a near-by boat show with no overlapping conflicts. 

By now, Inland Empire members come from far and wide, as do event participants, just to be in the beautiful scenery and in the clear lakes with their vintage boats. 

(Would you like to see a map of your chapter’s members?  ACBS members may click on the Members Only tab in the top menu.  Once signed in to their own “profile page”, click on the name of your chapter in the right-hand column of that page.  OR … in the Members Only page, click on the CHAPTERS tab and choose any chapter to see where their members are located.)

Events that should be on your bucket list:

The Inland Chapter holds three main boating events each year.  The first one is at Sandpoint, Idaho July 13-15, on Lake Pend Oreille. August 25-26 is a show at Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  This was the beautiful site of the very first ACBS International Boat Show held in conjunction with the ACBS Annual Meeting in 2002.  The International Boat Show has returned there twice and will again in 2022.  And their final FUN boating weekend is called DRY ROT, held on Priest Lake, Idaho, this year August 31-Sept.2.

The chapter website, Facebook, and especially the Chapter’s newsletter are full of beautiful pictures, usually with beautiful boats. 

There are so many events hosted by ACBS Chapters all year.  Look to see what is going on: 

  • in your own chapter (click on your own chapter under the Chapters tab on this website)
  • in chapters that are near your vacation or business route   (look at the Events Calendar for the time you’ll be traveling)
  • at a location you’ve always wanted to visit.  Then plan your trip around that time and place.

One of the most valuable benefits of ACBS membership comes from meeting more people who share the passion.

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