I.Y.R.S. is recognized as the ACBS Associate Member of the week.

The International Yacht Restoration School or I.Y.R.S. is an Associate Member of the Antique and Classic Boat Society.  ACBS recognizes them with gratitude for their support of our organization. 

I.Y.R.S. EMPOWERS STUDENTS TO MAKE, BUILD, RESTORE & MAINTAIN ALMOST ANYTHING!   They have been an Associate Member of ACBS since 2012. And they have been the recipient of Scholarship funds from ACBS since our scholarship program began.  

I.Y.R.S., located in Rhode Island, welcomes newly graduated from high school students as well as those seeking training for a career change.  They offer major programs in these areas:

  • Boatbuilding & Restoration – a 20-month program which enrolls each September.

    IYRS’ Boatbuilding & Restoration program is a comprehensive two-year program which combines the time-honored craft of wooden boatbuilding with the modern problem solving skills to succeed in today’s thriving job market. IYRS’ curriculum is regarded as the best in the industry, training the next generation of master craftspeople.

  • Marine Systems –  a 6-month program which enrolls in March and September

IYRS’ Marine Systems program is an immersive learning experience with a curriculum guided by the needs of industry-leading companies. Covered over six-months are techniques and skills needed to maintain and repair all essential marine systems, as well as career planning, key certification exam preparation and real-world internship experience.

  • Composites Technology – a 6-month program which enrolls in March and September

Considered to be the wave of the future in the manufacturing and design industries, IYRS’ Composites Technology program offers students unique exposure to composite building materials, emerging technologies, mold-making and infusion processing, all with a heightened focus on career preparation and certification.

I.Y.R.S., called “iris”, has a great website with many videos.  Click here to enjoy one of their videos: International Yacht Restoration School – Newport, RI

The Antique and Classic Boat Society appreciates the extra support given to our organization by Associate Members.  Click here to see this year’s list of Associate Members.

If you or your business would like to support the Antique and Classic Boat Society by being an ACBS Associate Member, you may join here or contact ACBS Executive Director Dan Gyoerkoe at dan@acbs.org or call (315) 686-2628.


  1. Do you ever take donations of wooden boats that need to be restored? I know of a beautiful wooden 51’ Alden ketch that could be a possibility if you’re interested. Call Sharon at 1 805 -878-8201 CA

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