It’s opening week for the 2017 Antique and Classic Boat Shows!

Sunnyland Chapter of ACBS starts us off with the Sunnyland Boat Festival on the shores of Lake Dora in Tavares, Florida.

 The Annual Sunnyland Boat Festival on Lake Dora is the largest Antique and Classic boating event on the East Coast with over 200 boats in the water and land. Located at Wooten Waterfront Park in downtown Tavares, Florida – and directly on Lake Dora, the 3 day show offers fun for all members of your family.

The Antique and Classic Boat Society will hold it’s winter/spring quarterly Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, March 23, 2017, at Mission Inn and Resort located at Howey-In-The-Hills. On that same day, boats will be rolling in from all over to dock at the Tavares city docks for the Festival in Wooten Park.  Those who participated in the southbound cruise on the St. Johns River will arrive with stories and pictures of their adventure.

On Friday morning, most boats will be filled with passengers who will feel like they are in the tropics as they go through the Dora Canal out into the Harris Chain of Lakes.  Get those cameras ready for pictures of exotic birds and probably an alligator or two. 




Evenings are filled with food and daylight time will be filled with surveying all of the vendors in the park.  This has to be one of the best nautical flea markets in the world – especially focused on vintage boat parts and fun decor. And, of course, there’s carnival food to be had.




Variety: Some are built and demonstrated by the kids in the SCAMPY program.  Others displayed by professional restorers.  Many were “Granpa’s boat”, the family heirloom. They set the owners apart as those who are not satisfied with just the ordinary.




And why do we all want to be in Tavares in March?

  • Weather – YES.
  • People – YES.
  • Boats – beautiful boats – unique boats – old Historic boats – new Contemporary boats – but all Classic in their own way – YES!

Will you be there?

What is your reason for being there?

What’s on your list for the flea market?   buying?   selling?

Where’s home when you leave the show?


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