by Ned Smith member of the Dixieland chapter

Our 1960 Chris Craft was purchased new in 1960 to my parents. The boat “Belle of Shaley Shores” was named after my sister, Barbara and my mother, Nelle. Their lake house was named “Shaley Shores.” When the parents got tired of the lake house and boat, I took over ownership of the boat (and boathouse) in 1975.

I’ve since had two engines in her – my sister had “thrown a rod” in the Lincoln 430, and we put a Chris Craft 327 (210 hp) in her. In 1989, that engine was beginning to show wear (and I wanted more hp). I then put the Olds 455 (from a jet boat) in her — I had to have the engine again re-built and had to re-plumb it. That is the last engine in her.

The Belle is housed on Pickwick Lake of the Tennessee River (at the confluence of Tenn., Alabama, and Miss. We’ve had her all up and down the Tennessee River (on Dixieland “Tennessee River Cruises”) as well as other trips. I had a new 5200 bottom on her in 2007, and expect her to stay in the boathouse for years to come.


  1. Ned,

    Thanks for the hard you have done for so long to allow so many of us to enjoy the Tennessee River cruises with you. It gave us a blueprint for other long distance cruising in our classic boats.

    John T.

  2. Ned

    A lot of great memories were made at our many Dixieland events ! Love your boat and the fun we all had together.

    Elmer & Judy Thomas

  3. I’d love to trailer down from MO and join some of you on a multi day river cruise. Email me if organizing Engstrom.mark@yahoo

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