Nominations are now welcome for the 2017 ACBS  Awards. In fact, the deadline is June 30th.

The 2017 Awards will be presented at the ACBS Annual Meeting’s Awards Banquet in Racine Wisconsin.

A review of the available ACBS Awards along with the past recipients is found on this website under the “About Us” tab.

  • The nomination should be made by a member of the chapter and supported by the Chapter’s Officers and/or Board of Directors.  Supporting documentation, such as publications, news articles, event fliers, even community endorsements will enhance the nomination.
  • Detailed criteria may be found in the Chapter Handbook available to members under Resources in the Members Online Directory,  
    or available by clicking here to download the complete information.
  • Nominations along with supporting documentation should be mailed to the four ACBS Awards Committee members listed in the Awards documentation.

ACBS has an active Awards Program aimed at:

  • Furthering the goals of the Society.
  • Encouraging its members and chapters to set ever higher standards and to constantly work toward those objectives.
  • Recognizing outstanding achievement.

Most of the Awards recognize the efforts of individuals and their contributions at the chapter level.  

  • Who in your chapter has planned and directed a cruise for members to use their boats? (Rover Award)  
  • Who in your chapter has written a helpful safety article? (Hagerty Safety Award)  
  • Your chapter’s website and publication have been viewed throughout the year by the ACBS Awards Committee…remember to thank those responsible for that effort.  
  • The Broken Gunwale Award is meant to commemorate, with a sense of humor and relief, surviving a near disaster with a classic boat.  
  • And who is the heart and soul of your chapter?  Honor them with a nomination for the Mary Herwig Award.
  • One Award recognizes the whole “Chapter of the Year”.

Why should you invest time and effort in preparing a nomination?

When you, individually, or you as a group, write about the contributions and achievements of your chapter and its members, your appreciation and pride will grow, whether your nomination is chosen as the winner or not.  Use this opportunity to show how much you value the efforts of your fellow members.


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