by Wendy Nelson member of the Columbia-Willamette chapter

“It’s Only Money” has been a family motto for years and it’s now the name of our second classic boat. This 1958 15’ Chris-Craft Cavalier was purchased in the spring of 2016 to use while the “good boat” was being restored. That boat’s story is for another day and another reason for the family motto.

The Cavalier was found at a boat dealer Seattle. In the lot on a trailer, the motor ran, the boat looked in fair condition, and the trailer seemed OK. After towing it home to Oregon City, we found that the trailer was in drastic need of repair, there was significant rot in the stern, and the motor needed to be overhauled. With all that to be done, the boat’s name became very appropriate.

The restoration took place in our home’s garage and driveway. Bob repainted the sides and interior, polished the chrome, and refinished the mahogany deck with many coats of varnish. A local racecar shop overhauled the engine. We received lots of advice, encouragement, and help from fellow Columbia-Willamette Chapter members.

Our little red boat now attends many Chapter cruises and family outings. We’ve had her on display at several Pacific Northwest boat shows. She may not be an award winner, but we are happy to have a boat to use and enjoy. After all, “It’s Only Money.”.

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