by Lynn Kasin member of the Hudson River chapter

I grew up on the south shore of Long Island where the Great South Bay beckoned me from a young age. My Grandfather had a 34′ 1924 Elco Cruisette where we often spent the weekends picnicking and clamming near West Island. As a teenager I had a 1958 Thompson Runabout called “Shaboom. Many fond memories were created on the Bay throughout my growing years. I had a career with the Navy, never wanting to be far from the water.

Fast forward to my retirement of business life along with a nostalgic passion to find a boat like my Grandfather’s, my wife, Margaret and I found and purchased a 34′ 1938 Elco Cruisette called Speakeasy from an owner in Nantucket. We had it transported to the Hudson River Valley in New York where she resides today.

My wife Margaret, our son and myself (Lynn).

We embarked upon years of restoration and brought the Speakeasy back to a beautiful state and upgraded her with twin screw Yanmar diesel engines and full electronics while maintaining her antique character and appearance. She sleeps 4, has a galley and head and an enclosed cabin.

We have enjoyed journeys north and south along the beautiful Hudson River. We also have entered her in the ACBS Boat Shows in Kingston, N.Y. over the years.

However after 10 years of ownership and great satisfaction as stewards of her restoration it is time for us to relinquish her, while she is in such great condition, for the new owners. We hope someone will enjoy her as we have. Speakeasy has brought great joy and everlasting memories to our family.


    • I kept a 1940 Richardson Cruiseabout on the Hudson for many years. I thoroughly enjoyed it but sold it to cut expenses during the “Great Recession”.

      Just curious – where is your boat located & how much are you asking?

  1. As Lynn’s eldest son and avid boater, I can attest to the quality of the restoration Speakeasy has enjoyed. The twin Yanmars run great and paired with upgraded props, bring life to this vessel that is unparalleled. I have had the pleasure of captaining Speakeasy and know she will bring years of satisfaction and performance to an appreciative owner. It is a shame to see her leave the family however the time is right.

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