Report and pictures by Cynde Smith, member of the Adirondack Chapter of ACBS.

The Adirondack Chapter held its 44th Annual Lake George Rendezvous this past weekend.

The docks were full with more than 50 antique and classic boats, and the weather was perfect! The boat show was open to the public and held at the public docks in the village of Lake George NY, in the southern basin of beautiful Lake George. 


This year, show organizers arranged to have a Model T car club exhibit on the land space. Food vendors and boat show sponsors also were on land to add to the diversity of the show. The show started on Friday with several boats taking a tour of the southern basin and capping the afternoon off with an evening launch party at one of the local establishments. After a full day of displaying their boats, exhibitors enjoyed an awards dinner at one of the lakeside resorts. The boat show ended with a parade of boats leaving their dock space and enjoying some time motoring around the lake, while announcer John Skinner discussed each boat as it passed by the crowds on the docks. 

Lake George is in the southern Adirondack mountains, in the northeastern part of New York state, not far from Lake Champlain. It is more than 32 miles long, with over 170 islands. Historic steamboat cruise ships and colorful parasails in flight often dot boat show photographs.

Thank you, Cynde Smith, for sharing this beautiful day and gorgeous boats with the ACBS website.

How can you be part of the “Sharing the Passion” movement?  “Antique Boats”, “Classic Boats”, “Vintage Boats”, “Old Boats” are all popular topics in the media.  Viewers on the ACBS website love to see boats of all sizes, of various composition, in assorted stages of production or restoration, and being used or being shown.  

Send us one picture or many with a caption or whole report and you will be part of this website’s “Sharing the Passion” of vintage boats and boating.

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