Gallery of pictures shared by Todd Spence of the Michigan Chapter

The featured boat is a 1988 Hacker Boat Company Triple Runabout, 26 feet long.  “Flashy” is powered by a General Motors 454 V8.

Today, when you click on the “Read More” button, you will see a slide show of pictures submitted to the website by Todd Spence.  Great photos s

Great photos should be shared and our viewers love to see all ages and classes of boats as well as beautiful lakes and rivers where you do your boating.

So if you have one picture or a set of pictures, you may click here to submit them with a bit of information to add about the boat(s) and venue.

Hover over picture in gallery for caption.  

Featured picture photo credit: Mark Moran

Point Lookout is a summer community, where Spence’s live year-round, consisting of the Bayside (Saginaw Bay side of Point Lookout) and the Lakeside (Lake Huron side of Point Lookout) residents. There is a small contingent of about 7 wooden boats and if the weather cooperates, we have a wooden boat parade late summer. 

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