As part of the “welcoming committee” to the ACBS International meeting at Lake Tahoe, all boaters will be greeted by one of the invasive species inspectors who will certify and seal all boats before launching.

This process must be done at an inspection station. We are recommending the station at Alpine Meadows off of highway 89 between Truckee and Tahoe City. It is close to the Squaw Valley lodging and on your way to the lake if you are staying there. There is adequate signage guiding the way. If you go directly to any launch facility without first being inspected, you will not be able to launch your boat. No exceptions. We strongly recommend that having your boat inspected is the first thing you do when arriving at the lake.

All boats entering Tahoe waters are required to pass a “clean and dry” standard. You will be asked to answer a list of questions pertaining to when and where your boat was last in the water. If you are traveling from a part of the country that is known for Quagga Muscle infestation you can expect a higher level of scrutiny. Your bilge will be inspected not only for standing water but for any other contaminates that could possibly be pumped out into the lake. Any boating equipment such as lines, life vests, anchors, etc. will also be inspected for moisture, weeds or grasses, etc. Most all ACBS member boats are well cared for and should not have a problem passing inspection as long as they are “clean and dry”.

For complete information on the Tahoe inspection program please visit tahoeboatinspections.com for details. Look over the FAQ’s and other items on the website and if you have any questions please call our chapter contacts for assistance. Click on the “fee’s” box as there is a charge based on the length of your boat. For those staying no longer than one week the seven-day pass will suffice. If you are taking your boat in and out of the water it will be re-sealed by the launch facility staff for future launching during your seven-day stay. Staying longer to enjoy the lake, buy the annual “in and out” pass.

For those who will be participating in the pre-events and will be boating with us on the Sacramento Delta waterways, there is no inspection required for the Delta waterways.  You will be pulling your boats out of the water on Monday evening or Tuesday morning. From Sacramento you will be proceeding directly to Lake Tahoe to have your boat inspected. In order to get your boat “clean and dry” we suggest allowing ample time to complete the job. Our chapter will have electrical power available at the Sacramento Marina and a water vac for any standing water. You should have rolls of paper towels to soak up the rest. The inspectors are very familiar with wood boats and will tolerate “damp wood” but any standing water or trapped moisture could present a problem. Our chapter committee will be working with the inspection management staff in an effort to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

If for any reason the inspector determines your boat needs to be “decontaminated” due to water in the engine or drive system, you will be required to hook up to their 140 degree water supply and run the engine. We strongly suggest that you bring whatever device you use to run you boat on the trailer along with you. Many of you who have visited Lake Tahoe in the past know the drill. For first timers it is nothing to fear and we are committed to guide you along the way to a successful certification. We certainly do not want anyone to miss out on the Wednesday morning Emerald Bay Cruise due to a failed inspection.

Tuesday is travel day and you should allow a good two hours drive time from Sacramento to Alpine Meadows. There is no telling how many boats will be in line for inspection or need decontamination so plan your time accordingly especially if you have signed up for “Taco Tuesday”.

See you at the Lake.

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