The Warren County Historical Society is making a new historical publication available for those interested in local boating history.

Legend of Lake George “El Lagarto” and the Men That Made Her Great by Jon Bowers will be published in the next few weeks. Mr. Bowers “sets record straight” on the story of El Largato, the famous wooden boat owned by George Reis. Jon’s grandfather, Anderson “Dick” Bowers, was the mechanic that worked with and for Mr. Ries over the lifetime of El Largato.

Jon grew up listening to the stories of El Largato and its world famous distinction as the winner of top races in the power boat world during the 1930s: The National Sweepstakes, the Gold Cup, the Presidential Cup, Lake Winnipesaukee Sweepstakes to name a few. In his book, Jon takes a look at all the stories surrounding El Largato and debunks any myths that have developed and in the process, to prove just what champion El Largato was. The collection of photographs Jon has put together, the easily readable text, and the fascinating story of a champion power boat and the men who made her make for an enjoyable read. 

You may order a copy by calling the Warren County Historical Society at 518-734-0734 (Tuesday or Thursday from 9am-4pm). The cost for the soft cover book is $32.10 (w/tax) plus $5 for shipping and handling. A limited number of hard cover copies are available. Please call the Historical Society for the price.

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