By Kevin Hogan member of Heartland Classics

I found “Love Me Timber” in an ad in our Heartland Classics publication of Mahogany and Chrome. She needed a complete restoration…I mean total. She was ready for the burn pile. But, with about 1300 hours of time and sweat I brought her back to life.

The “twist” that makes her seem special is that originally she was sold to a Dr. Springer on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Then, after her restoration in 2013, the first show I entered her in was on that same lake and at the same boat outlet at which she was originally sold…and unknowingly so! She now has about 100 hours of run time and is running great!

She was named after the number one hit in 1958, Love Me Tender, by Elvis Presley. After spending so much time forming her ribs and sanding her planks, applying her make-up, and polishing her curves, I can truly say “I Love her Timbers”.


  1. I love your boat. When I was a kid in 1957, I lusted after a 1957 Coronado across the river from me. I still have not yet satisfied my desire to own one, but one never knows

  2. Thanks for sharing. I remember when Rod and I saw her on her journey to perfection in your workshop. I can’t believe she turned out to be such a beauty.You have a magic touch!
    Lynn & Rod

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