Songs tell a story. Classic boats have a story to tell, also.

Love Me Timber is a 1958 Century Coronado, 21 foot, powered by an AMC 327 V8 with 238 hp.  She and her story have been saved by owners Kevin and Jeanne Hogan of Olathe, Kansas.  They are members of the Heartland Classics Chapter of ACBS.   Thank you, Kevin, for restoring this boat, for researching her history and sharing her story.

Love Me Timber was born in 1958 with a length of 21’ and a beam of 74”.  Her heart is a Graymarine/AMC 327 that pumps out 240 hp at 3,800 rpm.  Known for their fast, powerful boats, the Century Coronado’s were record holders for pulling up the most (9) slalom skiers at one time.  Therefore, the nickname “Thoroughbred” of boats.

     Dr. William Springer of Hot Springs, Arkansas, her first owner, purchased her as a family boat in the spring of 1959.  She spent the next several years running up and down Lake Hamilton.  At this point, her 2nd owner is unknown.  In the mid 70’s she was sold to Burney Whitfield of Myers Realty in Hot Springs who sold her to Steve Carter and Bill McCord of Salty Dog Boat Rentals.  Burney’s daughter, Kristi, remembers the old boat she used to ski behind as a child.  “It was so much fun and dad used to keep that boat spotless”.

     In 2001, J.C. Renner of Kimberling City, Mo. bought her and used her on Table Rock Lake as a family boat until she finally needed a complete restoration.  After taking her apart he decided he didn’t have the tools nor the knowledge to do the daunting task ahead.  J.C. then decided to advertise her in Mahogany and Chrome. (Heartland Classics Chapter quarterly magazine)

     That’s where Kevin Hogan saw the potential in her.   60 TO 70% of her framing was totally unusable and the bottom and side planking was questionable at best.  The decision was made to restore her with new White Oak framing and African Mahogany planking using the modified 3M 5200 method of restoration. 

     By the early fall of 2013 she was restored to “better than new” condition.  Her name is derived from an Elvis Presley song that was number 1 on the charts in 1958, “Love Me Tender”.   And I can truly say that after forming her ribs and fitting her coverings, applying her make-up, along with spending nearly 1200 hours bringing her back to life…”I LOVE HER TIMBERS”.

Kevin Hogan could envision the finished beauty of this boat even as he hauled two trailer loads of pieces home to Kansas. His skill and artisanship brought Love Me Timber back to life for all of us to admire.

Please share with us a picture, or pictures, of your boat and tell us the story that makes her unique.

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  1. why do people call the graymarine studebaker packard engine a AMC Gray got these from studebaker packard when they bellied up, amc bought some to but they are not amc motors they are studebaker packard motors

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