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We’ve talked to ACBS members all across North America this week, and we know it is a crazy winter week when they are expecting snow in Southern California!

Luckily, we also got great news from Heartland Classics Chapter members Forrest Bryant and David Vickers. They are the creative partnership behind a professionally produced show called Mahogany & Chrome®, and their latest 50+ minute episode has just been released. Forrest and David have have assembled a team that together are producing a beautiful and compelling show about the classic boat hobby that rivals any of the shows you are seeing on your television.

We are especially excited about this episode because it was filmed here in Clayton, New York, last summer during the Antique Boat Museum’s annual boat show, and we are proud to have ACBS Headquarters featured in the episode, aptly named, IF THESE PLANKS COULD TALK.

“If these planks could talk, they’d be telling you to visit New York’s 1,000 Islands! In this Gilded Age playground of the rich and famous we tour the majestic Yacht House of Boldt Castle, ride in 100 year-old runabout fit for a king, pick up some boat buying tips from Antique Boat America, get our hands dirty in the boatwright’s shop at Antique Boat Museum, “go skiffin’,” drop in on our friends at ACBS, marvel at the craftsmanship of a master model maker, fire up a bone-shaking 1951 Scripps V-12 marine engine, sample the wares at Wood Boat Brewery, and take a ride in the world famous John Hacker-designed runabout – “Pardon Me.” Thanks for watching!”

ACBS is very proud to sponsor Mahogany & Chrome®! We hope you all enjoy EPISODE 05: IF THESE PLANKS COULD TALK  and it helps to transport you to a warm summer day filled with classic boats on this otherwise cold winter weekend.

You can learn more about Mahogany & Chrome® here:

Find and follow Mahogany & Chrome® on Instagram: mahogany_and_chrome

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