Photographer and Adirondack Chapter member, Kent O. Smith, Jr. of KAOS Imagery, is a friendly face behind the lens. “I sometimes think of myself as a Phloatographer,” he laughs as he balances precariously on the gunwale of a boat to get his shot. In this ACBS Member Profile Q&A we learn more about Kent, his love of boats and his art.

One of Kent’s favorite photos, taken for Turcotte family of Gar Wood Custom Boats. Courtesy KAOS Imagery.

What is the first photo you remember taking?

Smith: A picture of my 13-foot Boston Whaler when I was about 14 years old with a Kodak Instamatic camera.

How many photos in total do you estimate you’ve have taken?

Smith: As a wild guess, maybe a half million images. Of course, most were with the advent of digital cameras. There are currently 150,000+ photos in my LightRoom catalog.

What is one of your favorite photographs?

Smith: That’s a hard one to answer…but one of the best was a shot of five Gar Woods lined up like a factory photo from the past that I shot for the Turcotte family of Gar Wood Custom Boats.

Camera ready at the 2022 ACBS International Show.

Is there a particular boat are you hoping to shoot someday?

Smith: There are still a lot of the rare and special boats I’d like to shoot. Understandably, some collectors won’t run those irreplaceable boats too hard. I’d say Gold Cup race boats would be at the top of my bucket list to photograph at speed.

What’s something most ACBS members don’t know about you relating to boats and photography?

Smith: My Dad passed at too young an age in 1996. During those early internet days, I made a web site called “Woodies on the Web” that had information about the major boat builders as a tribute to my Dad who was responsible for my interest in classic boats.


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  1. Nice tribute to Kent, or “JR” as many of his friends refer to him. Not only is his photography exquisite but JR is also one of most knowledgeable individuals regarding anything antique boat related. Truly a unique guy!

  2. And Kent is as good a guy as he is a photographer–always generous with his skills and knowledge. As one who trails along way behind him in capturing ADK ACBS events for publicity, I can well vouch for his professional and kindness talent.

  3. Although I had been messing around with old boats since childhood, It was Kent Smith’s Dad (and Mom} who first got me interested in ACB-type boats and activities on Lake George in the early 90s. I particular admired his Dad’s Lyman and, not being able to afford the first lot of really attractive Gar Wood’s from the Turcotte Watervliet plant now have three Lyman’s of my own.

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