“Day Dreaming-Christmas” is the title of this original art by Darrell Bush as part of a set of Christmas cards for the Antique and Classic Boat Society.

No matter where you are this holiday season, there surely will be a few moments to daydream of being in a vintage boat on the water.  Instead of sugarplums, these things might come to mind:

  • your first ride in a boat-  …where was it?  …who were you with?   …what kind of boat?
  • the first boat you ever dreamed of owning.
  • the first boat you owned for yourself, and for many, the rest of the boats that followed.
  • those who have shared those boating experiences with you.
  • what you have learned from a classic boat.
  • the friends you have met because of loving a vintage boat.
  • imagining your next boat.
  • the future destinations your antique or classic boat will take you.

The Antique and Classic Boat Society is an organization comprised of thousands of people who love all aspects of vintage boats and boating. 

They admire the styling and craftsmanship evident in pleasure vessels and working boats that have stood the test of time.  They appreciate the versatility of purpose in watercraft from canoes to racing boats, from picnic launches to cargo moving sailing ships.  They love the feel and sound and history. They love learning the skills to replicate, preserve, and restore these classic vessels.

And most of all, they love sharing with each other the experiences of their lives with others they have met because of their connections to antique and classic boats.

In the spirit of preserving AND sharing, traditional Christmas wishes have spread among ACBS members and are extended to all who have dreams that include Antique and Classic Boats.

See more of Darrell Bush’s art which often includes a classic boat by clicking here.

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