Michigan Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society exemplifies tradition in motion.

In the beginning . . .

The Charter for the Michigan Chapter of the ACBS was presented by our first president, Mr. Sandy Duffy, at the International Annual Meeting in Clayton, New York on November 11, 1978. This is the official date for the beginning of our Chapter but our club really got started several years earlier as a picnic rendezvous.  It was held every Fourth of July at the waterfront home of B.A. (Bud) and Pat Aikens as a way of getting friends with antique boats together for an afternoon of fun.

Part of the weekend festivities was the City of Algonac Annual Boat Parade made up of a variety of local boats, both old and new, decorated or not. It was a “come and have some fun” parade that was enjoyed by all who either participated or watched from the shoreline.  Bud and his friends would enthusiastically join in with their classic craft.

To the present . . .

That local parade has turned into an annual show held every year at the Algonac Harbour Club on the St. Clair River. Hosted by Harbour Club owner Pete Beauregard and the Michigan Chapter ACBS on the sight of the original Chris Craft Factory our show is known as “The Annual Plant Jamboree, Where It All Began”. It is the signature event of many that are held throughout the year by the Michigan Chapter.

The Michigan Chapter is celebrating its 38th year of existence. We have approximately four hundred members, residing in more than eight states and Canada.  Many of our members consider themselves as “caretakers” of their watercraft and intend to pass them along for others to cherish and care for in the future.

And into the future . . .

The Michigan chapter is an active club of members that pride themselves in “using” their historic watercraft and sanction several boat shows along the St. Clair River every year.  We also have several monthly informal cruises during the summer months, and organize workshops during the winter.  Our Board of Directors meets monthly to have dinner together and discuss club business.  All members are welcome at these meetings.

We were recently honored to be selected as the host chapter for the 2018 ACBS International Boat Show and Meeting.  We are already in the planning stage for that activity, and working with the great people of Port Huron to orchestrate what we think will be a truly great event.

The Michigan Chapter website is very active with current information.

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