by Ron Spencer Green member of the Inland Empire chatper

Rechristened on August 13th 2019 on Lake Pend Oreille Bayview, ID. “Morganna” is an antique cruiser, w/classic tender, built in 1931 by; Schertzer Bros. Boat & Machine located North Lake Union, Seattle, WA. She is a Trunk Cabin design Mahogany, oak, cedar.
from the “Lake Union Dreamboat” era. Pacific N.W golden age of wooden carvel hull boat construction.

Once moored at the Tacoma Yacht Club in the 1940’s she is said to have voyaged as far as Prince Rupert, British Columbia!

I purchased Morganna in 1995 in depleted condition, it was a 24 year restoration using weekends and evenings. The restoration included a rebuilt stem and transom, 80% original hull, West System no glass fiber. New skylight, restructured cabin, galley, and head. All new systems; electrical, plumbing, steering, electronics. parquet sole, marine fireplace, leaded glass. All fittings and fasteners; bronze and or brass. new glass, new wiring, Everything planned to fit 1930’s vibe and artistic style.

Morganna, is repowered with a 1940’s 115hp Chrysler Crown 6cyl gas engineit was a total rebuild. New helm, 12v upgrade, w/ period instruments.
I was bewitched! She has been my obsessive project and love for years, Now a seasonal home for us, she rides a custom trailer home to the boat shop for the winter and maintenance. Look for us at the Sandpoint or Coeur d’Alene, ID boat show.

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