The Mountainview Woodies Classic Boat Club is a group of enthusiasts interested in antique and classic boats of all types, including those made of wood, fiberglass, and aluminum.  

The Chapter is based in the beautiful Sebago-Long Lakes region of Maine, and they are a chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society.

Each year, the Mountainview Woodies Classic Boat Club holds its Annual Antique and Classic Boat and Car Show in August at the Naples Town Docks. 

  • A highlight of the pre-events is giving rides for campers at Camp Sunshine. Members donate their time and a little fuel to give these kids an experience that they (and the members) will never forget! This is a great way to give back and let them experience a little of the nostalgia and pleasure we all remember from our youth. Enthusiastic boaters can ride from Brandy Pond thru the Songo Locks into Sebago. 

Mountainview Woodies 2017 Fall Foliage Tour

Chapter members just completed their 2017 Foliage Cruise. This event has grown in popularity every year since its inception.   There was free launching from Long Lake Marina as they have graciously offered in the past.  The boats congregate there or in front of the Naples town docks and take a casual tour up lake stopping at the docks in Harrison.   Boaters walked across the street to the Old Mill Tavern to dine off their fall menu. 

The Mountainview Woodies Classic Boat Club has an active Facebook Group where several videos are posted.

photo by Kevin Cantwell during the Mountainview Woodies Fall Foliage Cruise


  1. Great reports on the various chapter events like these by the Maine Chapter, please keep them coming. Great way to start each day.

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