Note: This story and photos were submitted by Dan Gyoerkoe, ACBS ED.

Joe Fleming

On August 25th, I attended the Lake George Boat Show hosted by the Adirondack Chapter. Joe Fleming, one of the founders of ACBS, also attended the show. I had met Joe for the first time about a year ago. During the boat show, Joe offered my wife and I a ride after the awards banquet in his 1948 Chris Craft U-22 which was first owned by Marjorie Merriweather Post. This U-22 is unique because Marjorie liked the color blue and the hull is painted blue.

I sat next to Joe who was comfortably behind the steering wheel readying the boat to leave the dock. I could sense the joy from him as the engine came to life. Because it was already about 6:30pm, Joe mentioned we would head north on Lake George up into the narrows then turn around to return to the village docks, each way taking about an hour.

About 15 minutes into the ride from the village docks, Joe slowed down by Canoe Island pointing to a small clearing with a few picnic tables which was the place where the first meeting was held with the eight founders in 1974. ACBS became a legal organization in 1975.

I keep a copy of David Kidd’s book, ACBS The Early Years, on my desk and refer to it often, but to hear the first-hand account from Joe was truly special.

As we turned around for the return trip to the village docks, it was starting to get dark, the wind was down, and the water flat. Joe and I didn’t talk much on the return trip. Although I imagine Joe has spent countless hours boating on Lake George, it was dark the last 20 minutes or so and he was focused on navigating the boat back safely to the dock. I really enjoyed our time together.

Thank you, Joe for the ride!

Canoe Island

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  1. Joe is that kind of guy !…I remember attending the Jamestown show one year at Charlie Cross marina, The show ended Saturday evening and a look at the map revealed that Keuka was not far away…So early Sunday, I took off for that show. As I drove into town, I inquired of a fellow with his back to me as to the whereabouts of the show. “Follow me”, he said. It was by chance Joe Flemming .Get in the boat, he offered…the same one you describe. We rode half way up the lake towards Penn Yan, with Joe pointing out the vinyards and other scenes along the way…J.ust like you describe…It was a most unusual and enjoyable trip….I’ll never forget it.

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