How about a “beach party” surrounded by Antique and Classic Boats?  We have an entire month of great events scheduled for you to enjoy your boat in the Florida sun!

Early-Bird Registration Discount for Tavares ends SOON! 

If you are registering a boat for the show – the registration form says “Land Display”.  That’s the only choice on the registration form, but when you arrive you will have the choice to put your boat in the water.

March 9-10 at the Amelia Island Automotive Weekend enjoy FREE REGISTRATION to attend the FESTIVALS OF SPEED as special guests of the Sunnyland Chapter of the ACBS. Click here for more details.

March 18-22 The St. Johns River southbound cruise where you can enjoy your boat on the water with all the details taken care of for you!

March 22-25  The Sunnyland Antique and Classic Boat Festival in Wooten Park, Tavares, Florida. This is the BIG ONE! Enjoy four days of nonstop events designed for the antique boating enthusiast. This is the nations largest antique and classic boat show.

March 25-30th St. Johns northbound river cruise in your boat or as a guest of one of our members.

April 8th  FESTIVALS OF SPEED at the Mission Inn Golf Resort in  Howie-In-The-Hills! Another FREE REGISTRATION for ACBS members!

GO TO ACBS-SUNNYLAND.ORG for more information and to sign up! We look forward to seeing you IN SUNNY CENTRAL FLORIDA!

ACBS LogoWhile you are at the Sunnyland Festival in Tavares, take advantage of these ACBS activities:

Attend the ACBS quarterly Board of Directors Meeting – ALL members welcome.
Click here for details and registration.

Dan Gyoerkoe, ACBS Executive Director


Visit with the ACBS Headquarters Staff at the membership booth in Wooten Park.  They are eager to meet you in person, too.  Network in person with the names and voices you have heard and seen.

Symposium Saturday at the Tavares City Hall, just one block from the festival


9:30 A.M. -11:30 P.M.:           There will be two boats (a carvel and lapstrake planked) to work on and demonstrate a variety of restoration techniques such as plank removal and repairs, removing broken fasteners, fairing the sides, etc.  Time will be allocated for discussion, questions, etc.

SPEAKERS:      Brian Keen, a professional boat restorer from the Motor Boat Garage, Cincinnati, Ohio

Karl Weinert, a professional boat restorer and instructor who has relocated to Tavares, FL and will be opening his own shop

11:30 A.M.-1:00 P.M.:            Some of the essential parts of our vintage marine engines will be shown and described in detail such as carburetors, distributors, transmissions, and fuel and water pumps.  How to properly diagnose a potential problem allowing one to fix, adjust or replace to get your engine running properly.

SPEAKER:        Don Wilson, a professional marine engine restorer from Legendary Restorations, Venice, Florida

1:30 P.M.-2:15 P.M.:  Researching and documenting your restoration projects thereby allowing your boat to be as correct as you desire.

                        SPEAKER:        Peter De Vito, past president of the Sunnyland Chapter

2:15 P.M.-2:45 P.M.:  Boat Trailer Safety

                        SPEAKER:        Dennis Ryan, Motor Boat Garage, Cincinnati, Ohio

2:45 P.M.-3:30 P.M.:  Today’s vintage boat market.  What is popular and not so popular in today’s buying market.  What important details does the new buyer need to look for when looking at a boat to purchase.  What is important to best prepare your boat to sell.

                        SPEAKER:        Robert Lyon, Antique Boat Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

3:30 P.M.-4:30 P.M.:  Panel:  Here is the opportunity to ask the experts about any problem you may be having with your boat or restoration project.

SPEAKERS:      Today’s speakers plus Bo and Kathy Muller from the Muller Boat works in New Hampshire.

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