Help! Where can I find a ???  or who might want a ???

The question came to ACBS last fall about how to find a Cadillac decal for a boat being restored.  The best people to answer that question would be other Cadillac boat owners. Right?

An ACBS member could quickly sign-in to the Members Only section of the website to search for those other owners of Cadillac boats who were members of the Antique and Classic Boat Society.  There were not very many on the list, but an email was sent to each of them asking for the information and offering the chance to be connected for a conversation.  Typical of the generous nature of ACBS members, they all responded and soon, a group discussion was underway.

The Directory of ACBS members with its cross-reference sections is held in high esteem by members who always list it in the top five benefits of membership.  Now it is even more valuable because the Online Directory travels with you on your phone or tablet or in your office.

But you MUST BE A MEMBER!  Signing into the Members Only section lets you search for:

  • MEMBERS  by any of these fields: name, city, state, or chapter
    you will get complete contact information as well as a list of the boats they have registered
  • BOATS by any of these fields: year, make, model, boat name, engine make, engine model, owner name
  • ENGINES by any of these fields: year, make, model, chapter
  • and there are more search sections such as CHAPTERS, COMMITTEES, and RESOURCES

Just this weekend, Jack Warren (Michigan Chapter) found a Chrysler Ace Maintenance Manual which he did not need.  He used the power of the Online Directory to quickly search under ENGINES for Chrysler make, Ace model, and Michigan chapter to quickly find another member who was delighted to get such a manual. Jack knows that finding a recipient through the printed Directory would have been a much more tedious task.

Are you an ACBS member?  If yes, take advantage of the Online Directory.  If no, then click the JOIN tab to become an ACBS member.

Creating the Online Directory has been the work of Matt Byrne, a member of Blackhawk Chapter and Glacier Lakes Chapter.  Matt has volunteered his time and expertise to make the database of membership information completely secure, accurate, and still readily available for the benefit of ACBS members. His work is greatly appreciated.

editors’ note:  The Cadillac boat pictured with this post was not part of the original story, but was newly finished for the spring Heartland Classics Show at Hot Springs, Arkansas this month.  It is a 1960 15′ aluminum Cadillac boat owned by father and son, Roy and Parker Showalter.



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