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Here is a new ACBS membership tool — or is it a membership toy?

Either way, it is for ACBS “Members Only”.

The new ACBS membership tool shows the membership of each chapter on a map.  Zoom in to find members close to you, or close to a place you are going to visit, or close to a chapter event.

Where do you find this map?

On the Home Page, click on the bar “Visit our Members Only Portal” which will take you to the Members Only Online Directory.  (You sign in using the email address which you have on file with ACBS.)

Once there, click on “CHAPTERS”.  A list of all 55 chapters will appear. Click on the name of the chapter you want, and you will see their membership map and also a list of their current officers.

Try out the new ACBS membership tool, and while you are in the “Members Only” section which is your online Directory, look at the Resources section, too.

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