It is a 1936 Custom Commuter called “ New Old Stock”. The name was derived from the common term in the boat and car collectors world for a part that is found that is original but never used. This boat was found in a boat house never completed. It was in Detroit across the canal from Gar Wood’s Grey Haven Mansion. Gar Wood made a 26’ Hull in 1935/36 but we have not been able to identify a hull history. The Original owner was the inventor of catering truck or “ Roach Coach” as they are known around car factories. A few stories have been published on this boat and it has been to a few shows and has been on a calendar or two. Many will recognize this boat. Hagerty Insurance uses this boat in their advertising from a picture on beautiful Torch Lake , Michigan where it’s stored in a 100 year old boat house by the Dockside Restaurant, the landmark on Torch. 

This boat was in the boathouse for 70 years before Wayne Eversole of Eversole Marine found it and we purchased it for restoration. It took 4 years to complete with much input from members of the Michigan Chapter of the ACBS. It was launched in Detroit and Christened by the Commodore and his wife in 2010 at the Detroit Yacht Club, a club with a long history in the boating and racing world that had Gar Wood as past Commodore. We enjoy this boat and are not afraid to use it often. A cocktail or three have been spilled.


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