As many of you are aware there has been a significant amount of flooding throughout the US.  Unfortunately, the Antique Boat Center’s NEW (As of 9/1/17) building is located on the Ohio River.

 Normal Pool (water level) for the Ohio River in Cincinnati is 25.4’, however, on February  26, the river crested at 60.53’.  ABC’s building sits at approximately 56.5’ to 57’.  While certainly not an all-time high, it was the worst in 20 years and second worst in 60+.

Note the sign by the front door. 

The sign “WE NEED BOATS” was there before the warning came about the impending flood. If there had been time, today’s headline “Antique Boat Center needs a No-Soak Building” might have been even more appropriate.  

aerial view of property and marina with floating docks

imagine the anxiety as the flood waters rise  

panorama view of Antique Boat Center as flood waters begin to recede

Fortunately, that’s where the bad news ends.  

There was PLENTY of warning and anxiety watching the water rise into the recently renovated building.  Early forecasts and action allowed staff to move over 50 boats to high ground, six of which were in the middle of restorations and a dozen or more that had to be loaded from dollies to their trailers.  Most of the office, showroom and shop contents were moved to safe storage as well. (you will see in the photos, the desks didn’t survive).  

In the end, the damage was mainly to drywall, furniture, paint, electric and a VERY muddy mess.  NO boats were lost or damaged in any way.   The staff is working diligently to get the shop back up and running first.  Provided they can get all the proper permits and approvals it should only be down for a few weeks.  The office and showroom should follow very close behind.  

The people at Antique Boat Center want to thank the many great customers and friends that reached out to provide support and kind words.  Many of you may not even know that ABC has moved to a new location.  ABC is located at Rivertowne Marina 4601 Kellogg Ave, Cincinnati OH. If not for the unending support and helping hands of Don Jones (Rivertowne Owner) and his dedicated crew, the evacuation would have never happened.  There is NOTHING better than having GREAT friends and Neighbors.  There will be much more on the new location to follow, plans are for a Grand Opening Open House in May.  

One final note from Rob Lyons: The support of friends, family, and neighbors was OUTSTANDING.  

If not of for the tireless, unselfish and dedicated efforts of the Antique Boat Center Gang, many which you know (Matt, Whit, Angie, Jack, Justin, Tim, and Brian) this could have been a real disaster. 

Should anyone have questions, the website is up for contact information or call 513-242-0808  

Thank you, Rob Lyons, for this report and pictures. Best wishes for a timely recovery and return to business as usual.  Rob Lyons is a Partner in the Antique Boat Center 4601 Kellogg Ave., Cincinnati, OH. 45226

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